Why “Revolutionary” Should Not Be A Part Of Your Fitness Vocab

Unfortunately, the world of fitness is also the business of fitness.

That’s why extraordinary lengths are walked to get you and I to buy into the latest program or supplement.

It seems every other day something new is coming out and being tagged as “revolutionary.” Every new product on the shelves promises to change your body and the way we view fitness itself.

Incredible promises are made to get you to part with your cash…

Things like, “Only 5 minutes per week,” or “lose weight without changing your diet or exercise.”

If those sound utterly ridiculous (hint: they should!), I have some good news and bad news. First the good news, you are NOT an idiot! If those sound too good to be true, then you have a discerning ear.

Now, the bad news. Those are actual pitch lines from fitness and nutrition products on the market today. I won’t name them, because I am not into mudslinging, but it makes my skin crawl!

Get The Word Revolutionary Out Of Your Head

First, don’t be fooled by words like “revolutionary.”

Sure, there will be things that come down the pike that are outstanding, and will help you get great results. The best of these are high quality, and I have no problem calling those out.

For instance, I whole heartedly believe in Turbulence Training, the Paleo Solution eBook, and TRX products. I also have a list of basic, high quality supplements published here are well.

That is a short list of great stuff that will help you do very well in your fitness journey. I know, because I use them. I use them because they work, they are from credible sources, and they aren’t over hyped and “pitchy.”

They also aren’t shortcuts and they don’t make overblown promises.

The reality is that any program worth it’s salt, whether fitness or nutrition, is going to require hard work and dedication to deliver the results you want.

Do yourself a favor and turn off the late night TV, try out one of the above proven programs, and start seeing results!


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