The Perfect Push Up

One of the things people often say about bodyweight training is there is not enough variety, and things get stale quickly.

Of course, I think this is ridiculous.

There are a ton of different ways to add variety and challenge to your routine. Keeping things fresh is what a good routine should do for you.

The human body is amazingly adaptable—and the perfect push up is a great way to keep your body guessing.

The Perfect Push Up

The perfect push up is a very easy to use piece of equipment that will help you get more from your push ups, and add new challenges.

The handles rotate as you lower your torso to the ground, reducing strain on the joints of the elbows, wrists, and shoulders.

That turning motion also forces the muscles in the chest, shoulders, triceps, and even back to work much harder during the exercise.

The handles are only 2.5 lbs. each, and can support a load up to 200 pounds each. With the small size, and the great workout they provide, they are a perfect solution for anyone who travels and wants to take their workout with them.

Just throw them in your suit case and go!

Perfect Push Up Workouts

I want to give you two routines that you can use with your perfect push ups.

In the routines, we are going to take advantage of the handle rotations, and make use of varying speeds to get a killer workout!

Perfect Push Up Workout Routine #1

Grab your perfect push ups, and do 25 standard reps.

Rest for 60 seconds, then do a set of 10 plyometric push ups.

Rest for 60 seconds, then do 25 more reps on the perfect push up—this time with an extra wide grip.

Rest for 60 seconds, then do one last set of 10 perfect push ups.

You can add more sets if you like, but keep that routine going between plyos, normal grip, and wide grip.

Perfect Push Up Workout Routine #2

In this routine we are going to use varying speeds, and a pyramid in the workout to challenge the muscles.

Do one standard push up very quickly, almost explosively.

Grab the perfect push up and do one rep, but take 5 seconds to lower yourself, and 5 seconds to raise yourself.

Next, do two and two.

Keep going like this until you’ve done 10 and 10 (if you can make it that far!). Keep at this routine for a while until you can go up to 10, then back down to one.

The Perfect Push Up Is Essential

There is no doubt that these two simple handles can, and will, make a huge difference in your training.

Don’t just take my word for it though—try it out, and try those routines and see how you progress both in strength and endurance!

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