Recommended Supplements

We suggest that the vast majority of your nutrition comes from natural foods. With that being said, we understand that most people are going to have some nutritional gaps in their diets, and that busy lifestyles can sometimes get in the way of eating right all the time.

That’s where a few high quality supplements can give be very important. Here is our list of the best supplements in a few different categories.

Multivitamins And Minerals

A good multivitamin is very important. Minerals and macro-nutrients can be difficult to get enough of if you aren’t paying constant attention to it. Starting your day off with a multivitamin is a fantastic way to get your day started.

Optimum Opti-Men Multivitamin– This is one of the top selling multi-vitamins out there today—and for good reason. Not only do you have significant amounts of the vitamins you need, such as vitamins A, C, D, and E, but it also offers an Amino blend and a great B vitamin blend.

If you take nothing else, this is a supplement you need.

Optimum Opti-Women Multivitamin– Similar to the Opti-Men product above, only formulated to be optimized for females. Again, this vitamin is of the highest quality, and is a must for all the ladies.


ZMA is a supplement that helps you get more of the Zinc and Magnesium that you need. Magnesium deficiency is one of the most common mineral deficiencies today.

Not only do you need the minerals in this inexpensive supplement, but taking it prior to bed will help you sleep better.

MusclePharm ZMA Max– The ZMA max from MusclePharm is very inexpensive—only $19.99 for a 60 day supply. It also offers a fantastic blend of quality ingredients. Again, take this one right before bed.

Protein Supplements

Getting enough protein in your diet can be difficult at times due to our hectic modern lives. Protein supplements are also great for taking advantage of the “anabolic window” right after you workout.

We suggest using a high-quality whey protein as it is easy to digest and gets to your body quickest.

Optimum Gold Standard Whey– The Optimum Gold Standard is great for a lot of reasons. First, it tastes fantastic—and let’s be honest, you want your protein to taste good.

Secondly, it is very inexpensive on a per serving basis—only $.93 per serving.

Lastly, it is very high quality, and it is 100% whey. No fillers means better results.

Enzymes, Amino Acids And Others

Enzymes help aid digestion, which allows your body to make use of more of the nutrients in your food, instead of expelling them as waste. They also help keep the digestive track clean and healthy.

There are a ton of amino acids you can take, but really, two are head and shoulders above the rest—glutamine and BCAA.

Lastly, keeping your organs healthy is important, especially the liver. A little milk thistle goes a long way!


NOW Super Enzymes– Only $5.79 for a 90 day supply! Great price for a great product that works!

Amino Acids

Build XS Glutamine– Glutamine supports lean muscle growth. It is also fantastic for recovery and immune system support. As you train, you break down your muscle tissue—glutamine helps to build it back up.

The Build XS product is only $.67 per serving, tastes very good, and offers a few more supporting amino’s to make it even better.

SciVation Xtend BCAA- Brank Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) are another key component of promoting recovery and muscle growth. They also help to promote protein synthasis.

Here’s a BIG tip: Take BCAA’s during your workout, somewhere in the middle.

Milk Thistle

Nature’s Science Milk Thistle– Milk Thistle supports healthy liver function. Also, it can help cleanse the liver, defend against free radicals, and detoxify the liver.

The Nature’s Science Product is great. It offers pure milk thistle extract, and a very reasonable price.

Supplements should not be the basis of your nutritional plan—they supplement a good diet. Taken properly, they are a fantastic addition to your life and will help take your bodyweight training to the next level.

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