Stud Bar Pull Up Bar Review

Pull ups are without a doubt one of the most beneficial exercises one can perform. Getting them done at home can pose some problems however.

There are several different products available on the market right now that all claim to make doing pull ups at home easy. Most of them are door mounted pull up bars—some even requiring that you drill holes in the frame of your door. If this doesn’t sound like a good idea to you, and you would like something that mounts to the ceiling, then the Stud Pull Up Bar is for you.

Advantages Of A Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar

Have you ever tried performing pull ups or chin ups on one of the door mounted style bars? They can be difficult to use, and, depending on your height, they can limit the range of motion of the exercise. Door mounted pull up bars are great for traveling, but for building your home workout area, you really should consider a ceiling mounted pull up bar.

A pull up bar mounted on the ceiling will allow you to fully extend your arms without having to tuck your feet. They will also allow you to perform more of the variations of the classic pull up than will a door mounted version.

If you do all of your bodyweight training in your garage or your basement, then this is the solution for you.

The Stud Bar Pull Up Bar

The Stud Bar ceiling mounted pull up bar holds several advantages over other products available on the market today. Here is a brief list:

  • Great for kipping pull ups
  • Three different sizes to accommodate different ceiling heights
  • All mounting hardware to mount to your studs included
  • Ability to add gymnastic rings or other accessories so you are continually challenged
  • Lifetime warranty

This is an amazing product, and will certainly make a difference in your training.

Special Offer

Right now, we want to share a special offer with you. This product normally goes for $150. At that price, it’s a good deal. That price is paid for in the three months after you cancel your gym membership.

The makers of the Stud Bar are running a special right now, that gets you another $10 off. Jump on this now, it’s a great product at a great price.

Stud Bar – $139.99
Retail Price: $149.99
You Save: $10.00
from: Stud Bar Pull Up Bar


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