Power Systems Pro Series Glute Ham Raise Machine

Before you say something like, “Wait, this is a machine? What does that have to do with bodyweight training?” Hold on, let me explain.

Even though this is a piece of equipment, and a large one at that, performing a glute ham raise is still a bodyweight movement—you just need a glute ham raise machine to do it.

The machine will help hold your feet in place, and help you get a full range of motion.

A Highly Adjustable Glute Ham Raise Machine

The Power Systems Pro Glute Ham Developer is one of the most customizable glute ham machines available on the market. Some machines of lesser quality don’t offer as many adjustable sizing settings.

This can make performing the exercise difficult for people who are either shorter than average, or taller than average. With the Power Systems machine, you do not have this problem.

This machine can and will fit people of any shape and size so that you can get the most out of glute ham raises.

Why Should I Do Glute Ham Raises?

The short answer to that question is glute ham raises are the single best exercise for the posterior chain you can perform.

You see, the hamstrings perform two different functions. First, they assist in bending the knee. Unfortunately, this is the only funtion of the muscle that most people train. They do endless sets of leg curls, and that’s it.

The second function of the hamstrings is to assist in raising/straightening the trunk. This is where most people miss—most people don’t train this function of the hamstrings at all!

That is why you need to glute ham raises, and that is why you need a glute ham raise machine.

Simply put, this machine is extremely durable, completely adjustable, and is the only glute ham raise machine you will ever need.

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