Pistol Squats

If you are looking for a killer variation on the single leg squats, then look no further than the pistol squat.

This variation takes the intensity and challenge of the movement to the next level! It will also bring several stablizer muscles into the equation, including your abs and hip flexors. Do them with the right intensity, and you will even see cardio benefits.

This article is all about how to do pistol squats, and how to get started with them as a beginner.

How To Do Pistol Squats

To do pistol squats, you will set up just like you would for single leg squats—Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, eyes forward.

Raise your hands for balance. Now, instead of tucking your foot up behind you, you will be extending it straight out in front of you. This will be difficult at first, but you want to work toward having that leg as straight, and parallel to the ground as possible.

Now lower yourself down, keeping your back straight, and then return to the starting position.

Warning! These are tough! Do not go so far down that you cannot get back up, or that you fall over. Eventually, you will work up to being able to go down and get very near the ground, but if you are just starting, take it slow and shallow.

Maintain Good Form Through The Movement

Pistol Squats For Beginners

If you find it difficult, either to keep your balance, or to perform the exercise at all, this beginner version will help you.

Instead of performing the squat free standing, you will be sitting back onto a chair or your bed or a box.

Just stand in front of your chosen item, and sit back until your but touches, then stand back up. As you get stronger, you can make the box shorter, and eventually get rid of it all together.

It doesn’t matter if you are advanced or just starting out, pistol squats belong in your program!

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  1. I do not think most people realise just how important the squat really is. It is almost certainly the best muscle building compound exercise out of all of them. Most people begin using far too much pounds when they first start squatting, this is a bad idea. Lift a weight were you are proficient to perform 10 reps, when you are lifting at this weight you can fully concentrate on good form, learning how to execute squats with good form is going to prevent injuries when you start putting more pounds on the bar. Furthermore to help avoid further incidents from occurring, make sure that your knees are moving directly over the top of the toes. I hope these suggestions help!

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