How To Do Hanging Leg Raises

When summer time hits full swing, people are showing more skin. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, young or old, we all want to have that killer six pack. Nothing looks better on the beach than a lean, toned mid section.

Of course, you are going to have to get your diet right, and make sure to get in some high intensity cardio training, but if you are looking for an exercise that will do wonders not only for the look of your abs, but also for your core strength, then look no further than the hanging leg raise.

Core Training Mistakes

When it come to core training, and selecting core training exercises, most people make the mistake of immediately dropping to the floor and lying on their backs.

Consider this for a moment—when you use your core, do you do so horizontally, or vertically? In other words, do you do it mostly lying down, or standing up? The answer of course, is that we use our abdominals mostly vertically, or standing up. That also means it’s a pretty good idea to train your abs vertically as well.

That is exactly what the hanging leg raise does—it trains your core on the vertical plain, the same plain on which you use your core.

How To Do The Hanging Leg Raise

You will need a pull up bar, and yourself…that’s pretty much it!

Hanging Leg Raise

Reach above you and grab the pull up bar with both hands facing the same direction. Tip: Don’t squeeze the bar so hard that your hands cramp or your grip gets tired too fast!

Now, point your toes down to the ground and raise your legs until they are parallel to the ground. Return to the starting point, and repeat.

Very Important! It is very important that you do NOT arch your back as you are raising your legs. Doing so will not work your abs at all. You should be contracting your abs so that they pull your pelvis forward slightly. Always make sure to keep your speed under control to avoid injury or discomfort.

How To Keep Your Grip From Failing During Hanging Leg Raises

One of the most common complaints when performing this exercise is that the grip fails.

It’s true that if your grip fails, meaning your forearms and hands fatigue, before your abs do, you will not get a great workout. You may also spend all of your time thinking about the grip, and forget to concentrate on good form in your ab training.

Luckily, there is a very easy way to keep this from happening.

We highly recommend the Pro Abdominator from Power Systems. These are light weight, padded arm straps that attach to your pull up bar. They are incredibly durable and can support up to 300 lbs. By using the straps, your body will be supported perfectly, leaving you to concentrate on training your abs.

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However you choose to perform your hanging leg raises, just get in there and do them. When you are showing off at the beach, or competing in a sport that requires a lot of core strength, you won’t be sorry.

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