How To Do A Push Up

When most people think of working out, the first thing that comes to mind is the good ol’ fashioned push up. Images of military cadets all doing push ups while the drill sergeant counts them out are all over movies and TV shows.

But very often, people do not perform push ups properly. That is exactly why we felt an article on How To Do A Push Up would be very beneficial.

First and foremost, setting up properly is where most people go wrong.

How To Set Up For A Proper Push Up

To begin, follow these easy steps prior to performing your pushups:

Ensure proper alignment prior to performing the push up

  1. Get down on your hands and feet
  2. Tighten your abs and glutes
  3. Make sure your arms are perpendicular to your shoulders

Tightening your abs and glutes ensures that your body will not sag. You should be able to draw a straight line from your heels to your head when performing a push up.

Now that you are set up, and ready to go, the next step is to lower your body properly.

How To Perform The Push Up

When you begin to lower your chest to the floor, you will find that you have two choices.

Your first choice is to allow your elbows to flair out, and be fairly far away from your torso. Performing the push up in this manner is not a bad thing, but it will change the emphasis of the exercise.

Performing the push up in this manner will put most of the strain on your chest muscles, and shoulder muscles.

Your second choice is to keep your elbows tight against your torso. This will still work the muscles of the chest and the shoulders, but the majority of the strain will be placed on your triceps muscles—the large muscles on the back of your arms.

Important Note!

While you are lowering your chest to the floor it is very important to maintain the tightness in your glutes, and in your abs. Not only will this mean you are taxing these muscle groups during your push up, but it will also make sure you are staying in proper alignment—which help prevent injury and make you stronger overall.

Do Push Ups Work?

People often ask if push ups are still effective for the advanced trainee. This is a valid question, and the answer is not cut and dry.

However, there are so many push up variations that can be added to your routine to keep this fantastic exercise fresh and challenging for a long time. So, do push ups work? Yes, they do.

Will being able to do 100 push ups translate into power on an exercise like the bench press? No, it will not.

Will push ups be a challenging and beneficial addition to the exercise programs of 99% of trainees? Yes, absolutely.

In the future, we will do more articles regarding push ups, and special, challenging variations of them to make sure you continue to develop, and continue to be challenged in your bodyweight training routine.

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