Dragon Flags: Hardcore Ab Training

Ok, so you are ready to take your ab training to the next level. You’ve been training like crazy, your abs are looking good, and they feel really strong.

Great, so what’s next?

The answer is simple…dragon flags! It’s pretty accurate to say that dragon flags are one of the three best exercises for the abs you can possibly do (the others being hanging leg raises, and ab wheel roll outs).

If you are up to the challenge, here is how to do them!

How To Do Dragon Flags

You will need a bench for this exercise, or you will need something to grab onto if you are performing them on the floor (doing them on a bench is best).

This exercise was made famous by the great Bruce Lee, and can also be seen in the Rocky movies.

Anyway, lay down on the bench, and grab it behind your head. Here comes the hard part—now you have to raise your entire torso off of the bench! Only your head, neck, and traps will be making contact. Be sure to keep your legs straight the whole time.

When you have this set up, you will then raise your legs and torso up, until your legs are perpendicular to the floor. That’s one!

Dragon Flags For Beginners

Technically, this is not an exercise for beginners. However, one slight modification you can make is to bend your knees slightly.

If you have at least decent core strength, this slight variation will help you to start to master the movement.

Don’t be too hard on yourself with this one. This exercise is exceedingly challenging and will take time to master. It could take upwards of a couple of months before you are able to complete a decent set.

Take it slow, and give yourself time. The reward for all of the hard work is definitely worth the effort!

A Helpful Video For You On Dragon Flags

This is just a quick video that will help you understand the form involved with dragon flags. Again, start slow, and have fun!

Fast Tube by Casper

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