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Plyometric Push Ups

As if performing proper push ups was not difficult enough, as you get stronger, you can add in even more punishment by making your push ups plyometric! Adding an explosive element to your push ups is a great way to add power and speed, as well as carve an impressive chest and shoulders.
Most people think […]


Box Jumps

When people think of plyometrics exercises, often the first thing that comes to mind is box jumps. They are certainly the easiest representation of what plyometrics is all about—fast, explosive movements.
However, most people actually do them wrong, and therefore give up a lot of their benefits in the process.
When done properly, box jumps not only […]


Plyometrics Overview

There are a lot of misconceptions about plyometrics out there. Some people say they are dangerous—some people say they are a fantastic way to train.
There are people who swear by them and tout their ability to make athletes faster and stronger and more explosive. Then there are the detractors of plyometrics who say they open […]