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Bodyweight Squats

Are Bodyweight Squats Enough To Build Strong Legs?
Typically, when people are doing squats in the gym, they are going to do sets of 6-10 reps if they want to build big, strong legs. So the question comes up, “Are bodyweight squats enough to build strong, athletic legs?”
Even someone who is not in good shape, after […]


3 Pull Up Variations To Improve Grip Strength

Pull ups are one of the best exercises you could possibly do for your overall strength. They can be incredibly challenging on a lot of different levels.
Training the grip, and improving grip strength is one of the most overlooked aspects of good training.
Put the two together and you can use some outstanding pull up variations […]


Foam Rolling

Feel Great For A Couple Of Bucks!
Most people focus on the same things when it comes to their body. They look at muscle size, muscle strength, body fat percentage, etc.
They keep tabs on all these things meticulously, but forget something very important—the quality of the muscle tissue.
Hard bodyweight training, and any type of muscle building, […]