Welcome To Bodyweight Training HQ

Everything you need to get in great shape, you already have!

Your body is one of the most amazing pieces of exercise equipment on planet Earth—you just need to learn how to use it. Bodyweight training is nothing new at all, but it can be an amazing tool to producing the body you’ve always wanted, and the health you need to have.

Bodyweight Training Is Not “Easy”

Easy is definitely the wrong word to use to describe bodyweight training, but it is simple. No expensive pieces of equipment, no long lines at the gym to use the dumbbells or a machine, and no need to drive anywhere to workout if you don’t want to. You are the gym, your body is the equipment, and you can get in great shape with this training methodology.

Make no mistake about it though—you will be working hard!

How To Use Bodyweight Training HQ

Bodyweight Training HQ is built for you to be able to find everything you need to use bodyweight training effectively, and achieve the results you are looking for.

We have organized this site into six different categories to make navigation, and finding what you want, very simple. Those categories are:

  • Upper Body Exercises
  • Lower Body Exercises
  • Core Training Exercises
  • Plyometrics Exercises
  • Bodyweight Strength Training Equipment
  • Bodyweight Training Workouts

Within those six categories, you will be able to find everything you need. Whether you are a beginner or advanced trainee, this site has something for you. We are glad to have you here today!